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Life changing event


Life changing eventTook myself off to a Tony Robbins event “Unleash the Power Within” in Melbourne. My life changed that day.

Learning Leadership


Learning LeadershipBuilt and lead a 400 strong business team.

Ship Ahoy

Ship Ahoy
As a naval dentist I took my first voyage to sea. Doing clinic on the open deck of ship at times was not your normal workplace,  this was one of many situations I would find myself in during my time in the Navy that would teach me so much more than I could imagine.

Graduation Day


Graduation DayGraduated from University of QLD with a Bachelor of Dental Science.

Navy man


Navy manThe start of an amazing stage of my life – I joined the Royal Australian Navy.

Entrepreneurial thinking ignites


Entrepreneurial thinking ignitesTwo days spent with Jim Rohn considered the grandfather of personal development, a truly remarkable man. His teachings shaped who I am today.

Schools Out


Schools OutDuxed Biology and graduated from good catholic school.

First Taste of Entrepreneurship

First Taste of Entrepreneurship
Started my first ever business at 16. I ran this for 2 years with 5 staff and it allowed me to realise you can make money from a business without actually working in it – light bulb moment!