The Changing Face of Business Coaching

Hands down, the single most rewarding aspect of being a Business Mentor is seeing entrepreneurs fulfil their true potential. More specifically,  to see them make the impact and income they imagined for themselves. Taking what are often still only dreams for a business, a Business Mentor supports the journey of dedicated and hardworking business owners to realise to those dreams. It’s one of the reasons I get up in the morning, and nothing beats it.

Throughout the globe, entrepreneurs are the backbone of every economy, though often our impact is overlooked. We are responsible for employing more people than anyone else, we take bigger risks and we are at the forefront of innovation. It is not our politicians or our governments or even big businesses who are the ones who influence change – it is us. I truly believe entrepreneurs are extraordinary. It was one the reasons I started the Elite500 Mastermind Community in 2013. I knew I wanted to support and mentor entrepreneurs, establish a culture of social entrepreneurship (a cause dear to my heart) but also to create a sense of community for entrepreneurs that can often be lacking. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a lonely business.

In my years of mentoring, I have seen the face of Business Coaching develop and change in exciting ways, mainly through the advances of technology. Not just the software programs or applications that enhance our ability to do business more efficiently, but also the creation of systems and management processes such as the use of Agile Principles (which originated in the tech industry). Agile Management is something I help entrepreneurs implement in their own businesses – with outstanding results. For me however, nothing is more exciting or disruptive to the coaching landscape than how we are introducing the use of Virtual Reality technology. VR introduces a means of connecting to community in ways never previously imagined. Providing support, resources and education for business owners is now being taken to another level, and the possibilities of how this will impact the way entrepreneurs access mentoring is electrifying. We mean to be part of it.

It has never been a better time to be part of the entrepreneurial revolution.

Now, go make some magic!