We are honoured to announce our selection as

Qld State Finalists for the 2016 Telstra Business Awards

To submit an entry to the awards, a business owner has to examine their business with a critical eye, to delve deep into their “why” – why are they in business to begin with, and what is their motivation for turning up each day and giving their all? I highly recommend every business enter these awards, regardless of whether you as an owner think you will win or not – because without question, the process of entering in itself will help you build a better business.

We found the optics of the Business Health Check to see where our business truly stands, a practical and useful tool and one I can heartily endorse.  For me, it was an eye opening experience, and one I am incredibly grateful for. Compiled for every entrant, the Business Health Check is a robust report that details where a business is in good health and where it could perform better. Rather than being just an overview, it also makes recommendations for how a business can improve its’ outcomes.

The Telstra Business Awards are about so much more than winning the award itself. They are the ideal platform for business owners to take a look at their operation with fresh eyes, and have it assessed by experts in the field. They offer networking opportunities and a chance to reinforce a business’s credibility, and the ability to pursue new ventures and build profiles. Equally as important, they’re an occasion for celebration, for sharing stories and inspiring others. You need look no further than past and present award nominees for inspiration, and a bird’s eye view at how entrepreneurs are forging the future of this country.

Telstra CEO Andrew Penn states that SMB’s ‘inspire us all because of their creativity to innovate and find better ways to do things, their persistence and resilience, their courage to take risks, and, above all, their outstanding talent and commitment’. As a business coach and mentor of entrepreneurs from varied industries, I have seen first hand the incredible achievements and entrepreneurial spirit we have in this country, and to be a part of that is what has inspired me to get out of bed everyday. It is why I do what I do.

For me, the nomination is a chance to celebrate the successes of the entrepreneurs my team and I work with every day and know that their successes are also our own. To be selected as a Queensland State Finalist means joining an incredible Awards Alumni made up of talented and inspiring business owners who have all gone through the rigorous judging process. It is both thrilling, and humbling.