My goal is to help you do what you love best. Nobody should die with the music still inside of them and I’m here to empower you to step it up, embrace your vision for your life and make it count.


February 2014


In the Business Trenches, day in and day out!

Having worked with over 700+ businesses to date, everyday I am loving helping others achieve fast business growth! The Elite500 crusade is underway!

May 2013


Mentor & Master Coach with KPI

Key Personal of Influence, Australia.


The Launch of Elite Enterprises Global

Rebranded my business to Elite Enterprises Global and launched the ELITE500 Mastermind Program.


Qualified as Wealth Dynamics Practitioner

Travelled to Bali, home of entrepreneur and educator, Roger Hamilton and became a Wealth Dynamics Practitioner.

June 2012


Surfing Magic

It’s so important to revitalise the soul with what you love. For me it’s the magic of surfing – it soothes the soul.


Stepped it up another level

Partnered with Westpac and toured Queensland speaking on business growth strategies to hundreds of business owners.

January 2012


Baby Eve

Beautiful baby Eve is born.

November 2011


Surf’s Up – Again!

Voyaged to the Maldives for an epic surf adventure.

September 2010


Became a Dad

Blessed with my first born, Zechariah



Narrowed my coaching and mentoring focus to solely work with business owners and entrepreneurs.

February 2010


Moved to Brisbane

Studied Human Synergistics LSI

March 2009


Surf’s Up!

Had a trip of my lifetime, surfing the Maldives, my favorite sport in the world.


Hit the books again

Completed an Advanced Diploma of Business.


Said “I do!”

Married my sweetheart. The most beautiful bride in the world!


A Civilian life again

Jumped full time back into the civilian world, leaving the Navy days behind me. Moved to east coast of Australia to be closer to Kittie.


Coaching Achievements

Graduated with Executive Coaching Qualifications.

Member of ICF, International Coaching Federation.


Proposed to My Sweetheart!

Master planned a surprise proposal.

May 2008


Tour in Middle East

Deployed on operations to Middle East on HMAS BALLARAT.

June 2007


From Dental Surgeon to Financial Planning

Took a major step in changing my career path when I graduated with a Diploma of Financial Planning


Pivotal Moment!!

Met Roger Hamilton and unlocked my vision to my future career and wealth creation pathway.

March 2006


Selected to be a Tony Robbins Trainer

I got to travel the world working at the highest level with one of the worlds best.


Commander Dugan

Promoted to Commander and Senior Dental Officer for Australian Defense Force, Western Australia.

October 2005


Feel the Fear

Abseiled off Sydney Harbour Bridge, team building Navy style, feel the fear and do it anyway.


Business journey began

Established an Asset Protection business.

January 2004


Love in the classroom!

I met the woman of my dreams while at University of Queensland studying for my Graduate Diploma of Dentistry.


Aftermath of Killer Wave, teaches me more about life

After the horrific Boxing Day Tsunami hit Indonesia, I spent three months on the ground in Bandar Aceh at the medical and emergency field hospital.

October 2003


Got Hooked on Serious Wealth Creation

Immersed myself in learning about property investment, from mentor Ed Burton, and started to seriously build my investment portfolio.

August 2002


Gulf War Assignment

Deployed in fleet operations for Second Gulf War.


Modern Pentathlon World Championships

It was game on and a year of training, focus and discipline.

June 2001


Professional coaching life started

Mentoring and coaching junior naval officers for peak performance.

March 1999


Life changing event

Took myself off to a Tony Robbins event “Unleash the Power Within” in Melbourne. My life changed that day.


Learning Leadership

Built and lead a 400 strong business team.

April 1996


Ship Ahoy

As a naval dentist I took my first voyage to sea. Doing clinic on the open deck of ship at times was not your normal workplace,  this was one of many situations I would find myself in during my time in the Navy that […]

February 1994


Graduation Day

Graduated from University of QLD with a Bachelor of Dental Science.


Navy man

The start of an amazing stage of my life – I joined the Royal Australian Navy.


Entrepreneurial thinking ignites

Two days spent with Jim Rohn considered the grandfather of personal development, a truly remarkable man. His teachings shaped who I am today.

January 1989


Schools Out

Duxed Biology and graduated from good catholic school.

February 1988


First Taste of Entrepreneurship

Started my first ever business at 16. I ran this for 2 years with 5 staff and it allowed me to realise you can make money from a business without actually working in it – light bulb moment!


David DuganDavid’s experience in business coaching and leadership across a diverse range of industries is ‘expansive’ and impressive. However, all the above combined with tenacity and drive, packed with genuine care to help people achieve their ultimate success, are the reasons David’s clients achieve remarkable results in their business growth.

He also served in the Australian Navy for 18 years and retired as a Commander where he was awarded the Humanitarian Overseas Medal for work during the 2004 Tsunami, when many lives were lost.

After 14 years of coaching and five tertiary qualifications in his pocket David has also undergone in-depth training earning himself a number of coaching credentials, including the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, International Coach Federation, and being a Trainer with Anthony Robbins the world’s authority on the psychology of peak performance and organisational turnaround. David says, “the most invaluable, down-to-earth, mind-blowing-mentoring I have ever received is from Keith Cunningham, The real ‘Rich Dad’, in Robert Kiyosaki’s #1 best seller, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

David studied and practiced as a Dentist, (so he understands the challenges of service based businesses first-hand), and importantly, immersing himself in the highest level of study in his chosen industry. He is constantly educating and surrounding himself with world-class leaders and mentors, and hence himself has matured to the ranks alongside many of the best. Most importantly earning those stripes not through the accumulation of information, but by application of it and obtaining outstanding results.