Without cash your business suffocates, and dies.  And normally along with it is a big chunk of your personal value and inner drive.

When you’re out of cash, you’re out of business. That’s the definition of bankruptcy.” ~ Keith Cunningham

Cash is KING! It funds your business growth and your vision.

So what is the ultimate blueprint to create an insane sum of cash?

In short, CASH FOLLOWS ASSETS.  The sequence to follow is:

  1. get smart about acquiring assets that maximise sales
  2. get smart about converting those sales into profit
  3. get smart about generating cashflow from that profit.

What is your greatest income generating asset? You may be surprised to know that many business owners are sitting on a mountain of gold right now, with an unrealised value locked away in the their business and personal expertise.

Perhaps that’s YOU.

When your cash is generated solely from your time, you will very quickly find yourself caught in the time/money trap and experience feeling undervalued, unfulfilled and underpaid.

Discovering your mountain of gold requires you to look differently into your business. First look for the assets you have that can deliver results and outstanding value. This {hidden} value is in ‘the way you do things.’  Look at your success formulas, models and teachings that work. That is your IP, your intellectual property – and potentially your greatest asset that will become your mountain of gold when you understand how to create it.

That is 1 of 7 steps to fast business growth that you will learn in the Abundance Mastery Program.

Start looking now, there is an untapped amount of wealth available to you right now.