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World-renowned business coach, highly experienced leader, and captivating keynote speaker

Do you believe in the power of entrepreneurs? That we can create an abundant world where success in business, joy in life and growth in community can all go hand in hand? Business coach, leader and experienced mentor, David Dugan does, and he’s out to make it happen.

Having started his career as a Naval Dentist running a clinic on the open deck of a ship, David is no stranger to finding innovative ways to operate in unique and challenging circumstances. He climbed the ranks through the navy and was promoted to Commander, before eventually deciding to put those leadership skills to use in other areas.

He founded Abundance Global – now a 2 times Telstra Business Awards finalist, and has been continuously inspired by the business owners he gets to work with, truly believing them to be the backbone of every country and the innovators of the future.

With 21 years of coaching, 5 tertiary qualifications, and several coaching credentials under his belt – David is still continuously striving to both educate and challenge himself. He’s worked alongside world-class leaders and mentors such as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, and now he wants to bring that knowledge to you.

With 7+ years of public speaking experience across numerous large-scale events, including Mastermind, as well as podcasts, worldwide conferences and both live and virtual workshops, David’s tenacity, drive and passion will inspire any audience to achieve their ultimate success.

In the words of the man himself:

“My goal is to help you do what you love best. Nobody should die with the music still inside of them and I’m here to empower you to step it up, embrace your vision for your life and make it count.”

Presentation Topics Include

Team and  Leadership

Over 18 years in the Australian Navy, David has honed his leadership and team-building skills across high-stress fleet operations in the Gulf War and the Middle East, as well as earning himself a Humanitarian Overseas Medal for spending 3 months on the ground in Indonesia, assisting in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.

From war zones and battlefields to the boardroom, David’s coaches top decision-makers to remove barriers to success and unleash the true potential within their leadership teams.

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Mindset and  Health

Life isn’t just about monetary and business success, it’s about personal growth and satisfaction. How would your life improve if you turn towards abundance and learn to truly live in alignment with your values?

With a background in both physical health (having managed the Health Centre in the Athlete’s Village at the 2000 Sydney Olympics) and mental health, David focuses on a holistic approach to business that foregrounds internal success as much as external.

With his help, you’ll be able to end every day with clear answers to these questions:
1. How have I loved today?
2. How have I led today?
3. How have I inspired today?

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Time Management and  Personal Rhythm

Do you struggle with finding a work-life balance that fulfils you yet still lets you achieve everything you want to in your day? A big advocate of ‘if you win the morning, you win the day’, David will help teach you the skills of rhythm, rigour and rituals that can keep you motivated and set you up for success every single day.

As someone who runs his own business, networks with the most up-and-coming innovative minds, serves as Chairman on three Advisory Boards that oversee a total of 27 businesses, and still manages to find time for his own personal development and to ground himself by spending time with his beautiful wife and children, you know you’ll be learning from an expert in time management!

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Financial Literacy,  Sales and Marketing

Abundance Global’s clients have seen a year-on-year net profit increase of 253% for 6 years in a row. Having worked with hundreds of businesses and seen thousands of profit and loss statements over the years, David has a knack for making technical business jargon seem like the easiest thing to understand in the world.

Operating from the ‘Business Owner Joy’ model, David will inspire you to not only achieve success in your business and personal life, but to also give back as much as possible to society. The vision is to help a million entrepreneurs create intergenerational wealth and sustainable prosperity for themselves and their communities.

He believes an abundant world is within our grasp and entrepreneurs are the catalyst to lead us there

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Our Core Pillars

I Am

an audacious entrepreneur who values the genius of thinking big.

I Dive

into goals with
an urgency and intelligence that is starting to others.

I Do

the hard part
first and I embrace emotional

I Care

about community – local and global, and I act acccordingly

I Nurture

generosity and I give without expectation
of getting.

I Harness

the power of always prioritising important tasks first – even when it is difficult.

I Continue

to blaze a trail, disrupt and create. I encourage others to walk to the beat of their own drum.

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