19 Strategies to Unlock your Business Growth

Strategies to gain business traction and become a successful start-up

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, do you have a clear path to achieving significant growth in your business? Defining a clear strategy to achieve growth is one of the main challenges facing entrepreneurs and business owners, especially in the launch phase of a business. Without a clear strategy, many business owners end up implementing random marketing techniques that result in wasted time and resources.

In response to this problem Justin Mares and Gabriel Weinberg interviewed more than 40 successful business founders and listened to successful growth stories to pinpoint the techniques and strategies that repeatedly led to business traction in start-ups. They found that successful businesses grew using only these 19 key channels:

Viral Marketing
Public Relations (PR)
Unconventional PR
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social and Display Ads
Offline Ads
Search Engine Optimisation (SE)
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Engineering as Marketing
Target Market Blogs
Collaborative Partnerships
Affiliate Programs
Existing Platforms
Trade Shows
Offline Events
Speaking Engagements
Community Building


These strategies form the basis of Justin and Mares’ book called ‘Traction’, which aims to provide a framework for businesses to systematically approach marketing. They observed that most start-ups end in failure. Almost every failed start-up has a product. What failed start-ups don’t have is traction – real customer growth.

In my subsequent blogs I will guide you through what each channel entails and how to implement it, which will hopefully help you decide which channel/s is right for your business. Even if you can only get one channel to work, it will be worth the investment of your time and money – it might just be the one thing that kick-starts your business growth and saves you from the ill fate met by the majority of start-ups.