Today we want to share with you a story of Abundance Global’s founder, David Dugan.

David grew up being inspired by incredible entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and even Bill Gates. The problem though, was while he wanted to change the world in the same way they all had, David wasn’t certain he had quite the same level of talent and skills as these innovative superstars? So he decided that the way he was going to add value to humanity was to become a dentist. He invested 18 years in this endeavour, and while he loved the work, he always had this nagging voice telling him there was a bigger gift he could be giving. That he was put on this planet to do something more. Something bigger.

David decided another way to add value to his country was by joining the military. He worked his way up through the ranks and became a commanding officer in the Navy. And it was here that he had an experience that changed everything. You might recall the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. The Australian military were on the ground in Indonesia in early 2005 to help with the aftermath. David was there aiding this work for three months but flew back to Australia a couple of days early for a leadership course. The helicopter on David’s ship returned to a little island to provide some extra help, and the helicopter had a devastating crash. Nine of David’s fellow servicemen were killed, on a flight that David himself was also meant to be on. This served as the wake-up call he didn’t even know he needed. He needed to find that something more before it was too late.

David started researching and looking around. He’d helped humanity first as a dentist, and then in the military, but he was searching for what felt like his actual purpose. And what he realised in all his searching, was that entrepreneurs are the backbone of every country in the world. They’re the ones who take the biggest risks. They’re the ones who innovate. They’re the ones who are employing more people than any other organization. David realised it’s not the politicians that are going to lead us to where we want the world to go. It’s entrepreneurs. They’re the ones making the change we want to see on the planet. Making it so that David’s (and everyone’s) children can grow up to an even better world than what we have now. And thus, the humble beginnings of Abundance Global were born.

The truth is, being an entrepreneur certainly isn’t for everyone. It’s a difficult job. But ever since that fateful day in 2005, David has made it his mission to help anyone that chooses to tackle that path. If that sounds like you, someone striving to make the world a better place while managing a profitable and sustainable business, he’d love to help you too.

We’ve got an amazing Facebook community over at our free and private page, which is full of all the incredible entrepreneurs that keep us passionate about this work. We share a lot of the tools, the systems and the strategies you need on how to grow a scalable business. How to manage it so that not only your profits are enhanced, but so too is your health, your friendships, and your relationships.

We know that as an entrepreneur, you have the ability to not only create wealth for yourself but for your economy and the community around you. Your product and service has an impact that goes well beyond yourself. That’s what we want to enhance. That’s what we want to grow.

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Are you scaling or growing?

A lot of entrepreneurs want to scale their business but many of them actually end up growing instead.

But surely both are great?

True, both can have a positive impact on your business. But if you’re looking to get ahead in the game, scaling is your way to go.

By properly scaling your business, you can achieve so much more in terms of revenue while reducing your expenses.

Sound good?

I thought you’d say that. If you’re curious to know if your business is truly scaling or just growing, discover the difference in my video.

#MakeMagicHappen #ScalingVsGrowth

Where to now?

Not knowing your next step in business can be one of the most frustrating things. It’s easy for corporate professionals as there’s a clear career progression plan, but entrepreneurs are often at a loss.

It’s important to not let this kind of thing overwhelm you. It would be great to have a bird’s eye view of your business road map. Seeing where you’re going and what decisions to make would be a great asset to you and your business.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. However, there are things you can do to ensure you and your business don’t become overwhelmed.

My video will take you through 5 critical areas to help you navigate and discover the next steps for you and your business.

Give it a watch and let me know what you’ve found out.

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Don’t fall in love with your product.

The more wrapped up you are with your product, the easier it’ll be for you to lose track of your client’s desires.

I understand that you might have a successful business because of your product, but if you want to continue growing, you need to pay attention to your client’s wants.

If you were good at understanding everything about your product, you need to apply that same enthusiasm to your client. I’m not saying you need to fall in love with them, but rather, know what makes them tick.

Are you interested in discovering more about how knowing your client could help you? Watch my video to find out more.

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Never skip a holiday.

As entrepreneurs, it’s no secret that we love to put time into growing our business. But what happens when that starts to take over everything else?

Recently, I was having a chat with one of my clients who had spent a great deal of time building his business. He’d achieved a lot, but he was close to burnout.

I think it’s great to see this kind of dedication, but the fact is if dedication to your business has the potential to cause you to burnout, then something needs to change.

Sometimes the easiest move you can make to change things up for the better is to simply take a holiday. But not only that, you’ve got to start putting holidays before your business.

Being an entrepreneur is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world, so you need to give yourself plenty of time off.

Check out my video to discover exactly how holidays can positively affect your life.

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This is a question we get asked all the time at Abundance Global. We’re big believers of the idea put forward by the incredible business leader Peter Drucker, that ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.’ But as profound as that is, we so often get people asking ‘okay, but what the hell is ‘it’?!

It is an elusive thing. It is uniquely individual to your business! We can’t give you a blanket answer, because there’s no chance it would be true for all of you. Each business, each industry and each stage in the life cycle of business is different. In the past year alone, Abundance Global has worked with over 465 entrepreneurs, investing time into figuring out exactly what it was for them. And it was different for all of them! But that’s far too vague an answer to leave you with, so while we encourage you to reach out and let us help you directly, we’re also going to give you the four categories you should be looking at right now.


There’s got to be something you’re measuring around your marketing. What you’re investing into it and what returns that’s bringing you. If you’re dropping all this money on a marketing scheme that isn’t generating leads and gaining you new clients/sales? Then it’s time for something new.

There’s got to be something you’re measuring in operations. The delivery of your product or service. Are your clients satisfied with this and how can we make them even happier?

There must be something you’re measuring around your admin and financials. How smoothly do your admin processes run? Do you have a system in place that is efficient, or does it need to be streamlined?

And lastly, there’s got to be something you’re measuring around executive function and your strategic, big thinking. How good are you at delegating and choosing the right people for the right tasks? What are your goals and where are you on the path to achieving them?

Once you’ve looked at these four categories, we can start to get a sense of what it is for you. This is how you figure out what aspects of your business are running smoothly, and what parts you should be investing a little more time and energy into. You’re not going to be able to take your business from six to seven, or more importantly, from seven to eight figures, without nailing this. Luckily for you, this is our area of expertise and we’d love to help you out!

If you want to find out more about how Abundance Global can help you, why not join in our amazing upcoming event. Over 2 days you will learn exactly how to build a B.O.S.S (Business Owner Success System) to make your business bulletproof and bring you more business owner joy. To find out more and join the event, just click this link.

How well does your business solve problems?

Many businesses are started with one objective in mind: to solve a problem. This is as true today as it was in the past. Talk to any famous entrepreneur today and they’ll share the same sentiment.

Businesses may have been set up to serve a specific market or client, but all too often, they also end up helping other people. In some cases, they even bring about global change.

It’s important to keep in mind what problem your business aims to solve. That’s your north star to create a successful business that also helps people.

Discover how a problem-solving business can become a global change agent in my video.

What’s the problem you’re trying to fix?

#MakeMagicHappen #GobalChange #ProblemSolving

Did you know that there are seven words that can eradicate stress immediately?

I was under a huge amount of pressure back in 2003 to 2015. It was the second Gulf War. I was a lieutenant commander in the Australian navy, and I was in charge of the operational section that helped ships go into the middle-east. There were really stressful situations, and I almost burn’t myself out. I had one of my troops say to me “Sir, you know what, you’re just way too stressed”. It was then that I learned ‘seven words’ that changed my life.

Then moving into becoming an entrepreneur, I realised the stress doesn’t end. There are just so many things that can make you stressed and overwhelmed. Then on top of this you have to juggle home life too!

As an entrepreneur, it is unbelievably important that you’re not reacting with a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction. That’s when we really make mistakes.

There are ‘seven words’ that have helped me gain a huge amount of perspective in stressful situations. They have helped me take my business from being a startup business to a very solid seven figure business.

Whenever you’re in a stressful situation, ask yourself this question; “will this matter in five years time?”

Do you know someone who is a little stressed? Share these seven words with them.


Have you ever felt absolutely exhausted and burnt out doing sales? You’re not alone.

Many companies structure their sales departments to hit rolling quarterly targets.

These targets are usually the brainchild of some psychotic CEO who needs to present figures to a board or shareholders. After about two or three years, the CEO themselves is so burnt out that they move on.

The pushing and pushing, and sprinting every 90 days is not sustainable and not good practice.

If you think about athletes, they train hard to hit a peak, compete and then rest. This is the way a sales department should run.

Let me explain the four-month rhythm.

The first month is the ACTIVATE phase. You’re full of energy and laying the foundations.

In the second month, you CALIBRATE. Analyse what you’re doing and simplify the process.

The third month you ACCELERATE. You know your objective, you’re focused and you’re getting results.

The fourth month is CELEBRATE. No sales, no chasing leads. Rest, recuperate and get ready for the next month.

That’s the simple structure, but I know you’re wondering how do you apply it to your business.

If you click on the link, we’ll send you a free detailed PDF of the process. This will give you all the information you need to create a profitable and sustainable business.


With great power comes great responsibility.

Being the boss or CEO of a company can be great, and it can look even greater from the outside.

The truth is running a team is much more of a support role than a leadership role despite the way the media portray things.

There are many ups and downs to running a business. But none of those ups and downs is as rewarding or as difficult as managing a team.

If you want to learn more about the truth behind leading teams, check out my latest video.

#MakeMagicHappen #Leadership #Goals #Struggles

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