Have you ever felt absolutely exhausted and burnt out doing sales? You’re not alone.

Many companies structure their sales departments to hit rolling quarterly targets.

These targets are usually the brainchild of some psychotic CEO who needs to present figures to a board or shareholders. After about two or three years, the CEO themselves is so burnt out that they move on.

The pushing and pushing, and sprinting every 90 days is not sustainable and not good practice.

If you think about athletes, they train hard to hit a peak, compete and then rest. This is the way a sales department should run.

Let me explain the four-month rhythm.

The first month is the ACTIVATE phase. You’re full of energy and laying the foundations.

In the second month, you CALIBRATE. Analyse what you’re doing and simplify the process.

The third month you ACCELERATE. You know your objective, you’re focused and you’re getting results.

The fourth month is CELEBRATE. No sales, no chasing leads. Rest, recuperate and get ready for the next month.

That’s the simple structure, but I know you’re wondering how do you apply it to your business.

If you click on the link, we’ll send you a free detailed PDF of the process. This will give you all the information you need to create a profitable and sustainable business.